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the art of connection

About Marc

Marc Friedland celebrates and investigates the power of personal connections, as he has since he first reimagined the modern invitation. Between then and now, the world has changed and Marc has changed with it, extending his creative reach across new channels and areas of endeavor (while maintaining his abiding love of paper). Storyteller and ideator, designer and artist, strategist and connector, today Marc creates not only luxury communications, but also meaningful experiences, memorable moments and covet-worthy products infused with individuality and social grace.

Committed Collaborators

Marc surrounds himself with exceptional individuals and specialized talents who share his deep regard for clients and work hard to make them happy. The Marc Friedland design and production teams provide a solid foundation for solving virtually any kind of creative problem. Team members join in fulfilling Marc’s creative vision across an array of media and channels, translating desires into deliverables of all kinds.

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