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Who Sent It Best?

The Best Dressed Envelope

It’s easy to think about letters and notes as just the words on paper, but it can be so much more creative than that! While there’s never been a more apropos time where “it’s the thought that counts” maxim rings true, it doesn’t mean you can’t “push the envelope” (sorry, I couldn’t resist by giving your note of gratitude a little extra love by adding a unique stamp to put an even more personal spin on it). The amazing lining of a Paul Smith suit, this added attention to detail, gives the recipient a little extra something to smile about when they receive your note.

There’s a lot of different ways to ‘tszuj’ up your envelopes with a little philatelic flair. Here are a few tips.

1) Go vintage
Vintage stamps are a great resource for adding interesting, unique visuals to your envelopes. Make sure you get stamps that have not been cancelled, so they can actually work as postage (if not, you’ll need to add a modern stamp). You will need to know the weight of your note, so make sure to combine the correct amount so that it reaches it’s designated recipient.
Don’t know where to begin? Etsy is a great place to start looking. They have a huge variety of different stamps from all over the world; some date all the way back to the 1950s!

2) Go custom is a fantastic resource if you’re looking to create unique, personalized stamps. If you have an image you’d like to use for your stamp, the site allows you to upload it and select your postage denomination. You could get as creative with this as you want — Use a photo, or even a drawing, to make a stamp unique to your own design.

3) How much?
Figuring out postage these days is not as simple as one may think. There are surcharges if you send a square, super rigid or oversized. But don’t stress out, I always err on the side of going to the next highest denomination, just to make sure. For current USPS letter rates, please click here.

4) Be Bold…Get out those Sharpies!
Envelope art is a real art form. Doodle it up, use different colors, water color-it or sticker-it… but whatever you do, always make sure the address is legible.

Mailing a letter or note card can be as intricate and creative as you want it to be! It’s a good time to try your hand at different crafts you may have been meaning to try, from drawing to hand lettering to calligraphy. Your envelope is your canvas — stamps are just the beginning.

And whatever you do, SEND IT WITH LOVE… seriously, make mailing your card a ritual. I know when the USPS picks up at the local mailbox down the corner. It gets me outside, which is much needed! I take a walk, note card in hand, and even got to meet our local mail carrier Sandra, who delivers these letters with the care and attention they deserve.

Let’s not forget US Postal Carriers are on the front lines, and let’s give them some good mail to write home about!

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